1. Newfie ladder.


  2. getcrunchy:

    90’s skate ads <3

    (via fuckyeahsk8net)


  3. Code Reginald was the very first WOTY in 1998. Retroactive sure, but it was the easiest WOTY decision I ever had to make.


  4. Code T Rex got his.



  6. Niagara Falls.




  9. Found this in a book I purchased at goodwill.


  10. 1970 Vespa in a 2007 Honda fit


  11. Mental note: don’t kick the exhaust off.



  13. Me pain free.


  14. Codette NGABL


  15. dlxsf:

    Introducing Jake Donnelly's first Pro spitfirewheels, The Sure Shot 99Du Classic. 

    Available in 52/53/54mm. Photo Gabe Morford.