1. Putting the finishing touches on the online shop site.


  2. I’ll be selling leather at In The Soil. Stop by so I can go grab a coffee or rock a piss. The vendor area is free admission.


  3. Code Mud and his band are having a cd release Saturday.




  5. 131 versions. 51 drawn and traced by hand. 10 cut and tape versions by hand. 10 edits with help from Joe in illustrator. 60 versions using the retouch tool in aperture. Yes. Aperture. Silly. FIN.


  6. You want board feel? Get the Gilbert Cricket Vans. Took a minute to get used to how much you feel under your feet but when you get used to it… They are unbeatable.


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    Sweet Jesus

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  9. GrantiHero with some BuffaLove


  10. CYRIL GEORGE TODD Will and Testament. 1960. The first Cyril in the Todd family.




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    Clint Walker.

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