1. Code 5 moved to Budapest and so I started a #joeclearyweek on instagram. Click here to follow the updates. 


  2. I hit the shutter button while dropping a beer and falling backwards in a chair at the relax.



  4. Out with tha tap in 2014 and in with the exposure till 2016. Alright.


  5. Chloë Sevigny FA deck.


  6. RIP





  10. I made up some prizes for @andreapizzacalla & @wanderstrong who are having a STAG AND DOE tomorrow night. 7pm at the Moose and Goose.


  11. Code Scum Bag making his belt one of a kind to say the least.

    (Source: sorehandsoldtools)


  12. Last Nights Wanderer Barn Gathering.


  13. sorehandsoldtools:

    Thanks to all who purchased belts in the last year! Without your support I wouldn’t have learned the techniques I needed for the final version of the belt I had pictured in my head. Thankfully and painstakingly after almost a couple hundred samples the final version of the belt is ready… European 9oz full grain leather cut one at a time by hand. Edged and burnished high contrast edges done again one at a time. Plus a new solid brass buckle that ages as nicely as the Veg Tan leather. Free personalized stamping as always.

    Huge thanks to all the Wanderers!


  14. Newfie ladder.


  15. Code Reginald was the very first WOTY in 1998. Retroactive sure, but it was the easiest WOTY decision I ever had to make.