1. Down By Law


  2. scienceversuslife:

    Gonz for Vans. 1991.

    (via vansskate)


  3. Code 5 moved to Budapest and so I started a #joeclearyweek on instagram. Click here to follow the updates. 


  4. I hit the shutter button while dropping a beer and falling backwards in a chair at the relax.



  6. Out with tha tap in 2014 and in with the exposure till 2016. Alright.


  7. Chloë Sevigny FA deck.


  8. RIP





  12. I made up some prizes for @andreapizzacalla & @wanderstrong who are having a STAG AND DOE tomorrow night. 7pm at the Moose and Goose.


  13. Code Scum Bag making his belt one of a kind to say the least.

    (Source: sorehandsoldtools)


  14. Last Nights Wanderer Barn Gathering.


  15. sorehandsoldtools:

    Thanks to all who purchased belts in the last year! Without your support I wouldn’t have learned the techniques I needed for the final version of the belt I had pictured in my head. Thankfully and painstakingly after almost a couple hundred samples the final version of the belt is ready… European 9oz full grain leather cut one at a time by hand. Edged and burnished high contrast edges done again one at a time. Plus a new solid brass buckle that ages as nicely as the Veg Tan leather. Free personalized stamping as always.

    Huge thanks to all the Wanderers!